“All traditions of culture and faith have tales of people breaking out of their limited viewpoint, suddenly seeing the universe in crystal clarity, as if they’ve unlocked the secret of life itself.”

  • “It is far from the exclusive preserve of those who attribute it to a personal deity. Belief about the source of these powers will always be affected by upbringing, nationality and culture. this power is far more internal and integral to every living being, accessible to everyone, ‘believer’ or not.”

– fine writing by Clyde Brolin in his fascinating book “OVERDRIVE; FORMULA ONE IN THE ZONE’

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Racing (and Writing) in the Zone

Sharing some thoughts about the Zone: Getting into the flow …in another dimension, when it all seems so effortless”.
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“Together, one mind, one life at a time, let’s see how many people we can impact, empower, uplift, encourage … and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials.”

THE SPIRITUAL PATH: “THE WAY” (Beyond the Zone)”


  • “If we could all be in tune with each other… or with ourselves… that’s the main thing. Then there would be no crime and no problems. If we could just respect the person next to you, the chain reaction would solve everything. It’s not just about giving money to feed the poor in Africa.”

    – some wise words of Austrian Alexander Wurz, former F1 driver, test driver (McLaren) and winner of Le Mans 24 hours (in 2009)

    * ‘sympatico’, as my dear mother called it

    “All traditions of culture and faith have tales of people breaking out of their limited viewpoint, suddenly seeing the universe in crystal clarity, as if they’ve unlocked the secret of life itself.”

  • “I see the human being is an incredible machine, totally undiscovered in many ways. Every one of us has a hidden tank of energy that comes out when it is needed.”- Alex Zanardi (former F1 and IndyCar driver, who lost both legs in a horrific accident in Germany in 2001)PS: Alex just won a gold medal in the recent Para-Olympics in London
    A new challenge!


    Here are some personal thoughts that I’ve jotted down over the years regarding the “spiritual journey”.

    Though rather personal, I’ll share with you anyway.


    I don’t like “talking religion” and religious beliefs, but would rather share a bit about my experiences along the amazing journey that is life.

    What you believe is a massive part of who you are.

    Brazilian soccer star, Cafu: “I believe God is omnipresent. Every time we pray and ask something from Him, we always hope to be listened to. So faith can help in football too.”

    “God willing!”

    God works THROUGH “ordinary”* people.

    * what’s that, but everyone is extra-ordinary in some way!

    God has a plan for EVERY life. “He has given to each man or woman a definite purpose, which He has not given to another.”

    (or words to that effect)

    – from former Cardinal John Henry Newman

    In the valley of despair, I realised that God even had a plan for my life.

    Perhaps even bringing people together and building bridges of reconciliation. Dream on!

    “To whom much is given much shall be requested.”

    – Jesus

    In other words, what have you done with what I’ve put in your hand, your gifts?

    “Our talents are our gifts from God; but what we do with them are our gifts TO God.”

    I definitely feel God’s presence with me and that He (call Ultimate Source what you will: He/She/it/life/source and so on) is with me along the amazing journey that is life. Not each step of the way, mind you, as I sometimes feel ‘where is God now, when I really need Him).

    “God is a mystery, a Creative Presence, the mystery, the Ultimate Source of Life, the Fountain of all Goodness, Who/That allows me to be who I really want to be and become.” 

     I see God, Infinite Spirit as like a “Partner”, a “Co-Creator” with me each step of the journey of life. It’s a presence, continual in my consciousness. This is how I view life and live – a feeling that God wants me to be happy and the best for my ‘little’ life.

    At times this feeling is stronger than at other moments. Of course, at times, I have doubts about the outcomes of certain activities, but they don’t last long. Where is all this writing over the past two decades leading? Anywhere! However, in short, I just do and trust. Living in (by) simple faith.

    Lord, give me more patience (“but I want it right NOW!”) and increase my faith.

    I couldn’t have managed this journey on my own.

    In a “nutshell”, the simple message I’m sharing in this e-book (though you know it in your heart already) is:

    Be KIND and helpful to others. Don’t think of getting things back in return; but the universe DOES reward you (the principle of ‘karma’ works)

    Be compassionate to all creatures as well as the environment

    No matter who you are, you need to respect everyone else, wherever they come from. If you do that, you will earn respect, In a word (or two), CARE and have a BIG heart

    Love God, Love Yourself, Love Everyone else

    (Love God and love your neighbour as yourself.)

    And finally and most importantly,

    BE GRATEFUL for what you DO have.

    Ie. Live with an attitude of gratitude.

    Everyone on the planet has some Everest to climb. For me NOW, it’s writing and publishing my various books, but it may the worthiest pursuit of bring up a child to the best of one’s ability… and then putting everything into that noble endeavour.

    Just take that first step…then keep walking.


    16th Dec 2011

    “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” (and not a flat tyre and broken fan-belt!)


    “True winning as a human ‘bean’ is accessing the magic within.

    The Zone is one indication that we are all linked to the common Ultimate Source, God, Life, Love.

    Top sports-people don’t have exclusive access to the Zone and like the finest music, the bliss can be shared.

    We should be grateful that down here, we can experience life ‘out of the Zone’ as well. This may just be the real heaven, the sweetest spot of all.”

    -fine writing by Clyde Brolin writing in his fascinating book OVERDRIVE; FORMULA ONE IN THE ZONE

    from THE SPIRITUAL PATH: “THE WAY” (Beyond the Zone)”

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    Craig is presently “working on” a new book ‘Beyond the Zone’, a “true labour of love” sitting in the hot New Zealand sun and writing about God and Formula One. Pure paradise/sheer bliss!

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