Pandemic (on History channel + Vimeo)

Covid 19: Thoughts and Memories (for future generations)

The untold story of the people affected by Covid-19 and the conspiracies that lurk in the minds of those seeking answers.


See the video on

Also see


You should watch the “doco” by Stephen Presley first before you post on the www, c

… but that’s against my nature… and I’m NOT into conspiracy theories, Mark of the Beast, “devil”, etc. But I do love hearing the untold stories of people and especially those of hope

… and I post to remind myself (through imprinting the subconscious mind) to watch the “doco” fully WHEN I “get a mo”

and then think about it + make up my own mind

see +

enjoy anyway and follow your own truths and beliefs

“totally impulsive” c

Research, trust, but verify

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