Spiritual Journey


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Best wishes  from the First City to see the light

Don’t worry about the world ending today

it’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand


Hi guys, you have probably wandered where I have been and what’s happened. But I decided to have a break and go on a bit of a spiritual Journey of my own. Personally I think it’s important to do this from time to time. That’s my opinion anyway.

My spiritual Journey had more do with the questions. Why am I here on earth. What do you want me to do? What is my purpose in life. Now I know I’m going to help a lot of people turn there pain or trauma around and be the best version of themselves.

I have read a lot more books. One was mans search for meaning. Great book. Actually one of the best books I’ve read. I will apologise for stopping my blogging but I needed that time to answer the above questions.

I will keep blogging now going forward but I just…

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