Spiritual Stereotypes

Spiritual Mystic by Sam

We all are living in this three dimensional world, we all have been programmed to follow certain rules to fit in the today’s rat race and people don’t want to believe anything else beside it. People are not willing to question the norms. Have we all become some sort of slaves?

The moment you will start questioning things, the answers will arrive. Are there multiple universes? How many physical realms are there? Does ET life exist? Do angels exist? Is there any god? Are they lying to us? Is there any other truth?

You have come to earth, you have a higher purpose, you are special. The moment you will realize your infinite subconscious power, the sky will be a limit.

Who is god? what is god? has anyone seen him or her? well, the shortest answer is, God is a frequency that exist within you. Tune…

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