Does God really reside inside you?

Law that attracted me!

My journey in to LOA started with thinking that Universe existed as an omnipotent energy existing in/out and around me; so while meditating I was praying to the force to align me with itself- as if this force existed separate from my own being. This was a partial mistake. I realised it, at the cost of my latest desire resisting manifestation.Not meaning that I didn’t have success with manifesting but it has been, admittedly, slower than could have been. Let me share my experience with you all- my valuable readers.

I asked my deep- conscious the reason for stalled manifestation; and desired to know the resistance blocking me. And there it was! Manifesting itself loud and clear to me! Here is what manifested itself during a complete state of perfect harmony within, while meditating one day. It is true that the mother Universe created me out of it’s own energy…

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