Christmas message rings powerfully

I (We) Must Not Hate!

Jacinda Ardern’s immediate, instinctive embrace of the victims’ families and the simple act of putting on a headscarf, moved hearts and minds everywhere. Photo / Alan Gibson
NZ Herald

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People going to church this Christmas believe God is a powerful force for good in the world and he, or she, sometimes works in mysterious ways. Christians, whose faith is founded on the redemptive event of Christ’s crucifixion, can readily believe that good can grow from tragedy.

New Zealand this year has experienced a most appalling tragedy. The slaughter in March of New Zealand Muslims at prayer in two Christchurch mosques had a profound effect not just on this country but the world.

from a Google search (my “filing system to rescue me from sheer utter chaos” – thanks “Big G”)…
and by that I mean God (far more than Google)… but then perhaps I should…

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