India – A History Of God

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Why It’s So Weird ? India Is So Unique & Different. The Country Which Gave The Ideas Of Renouncing Through Buddha,Was Also The First One To Write a Book On Sexology ‘The Kamasutra’ & Few Decades Later It Was Writing Niti Shatkam & Artha Shastra i.e The Book On Economics & Social Behavior. The Country Filled With The Love Of Non Violence Has It’s Most Notable Scripture First Recited On a War Field,Why ? Why So Much Dichotomies?

There’s No Exact Date Of Beginning Of Indian Civilization Unless You are Biased. But The Main Point Is That World’s Oldest Work Of Theology Is Actually An Antagonistic Perspective. Indian Sages Don’t Give You any Confirmed Answer, Instead Of It They Let You Enquire Yourself. That’s Why You See So Much Diversity in Thoughts. Indians Don’t Actually Believe In God, Instead Of It They Create Their Own. The Rig Veda,The World’s Oldest…

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