Peace and Empathy Hallmarks of Faith: Richard Randerson

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via Peace and Empathy Hallmarks of Faith: Richard Randerson

“We have come to a time in the history of the world where we need to rediscover the path to peace, and the path to peace can never be war. This pathway is lined with the concept of co-existence and co-inhabitance of the world.”

–  Desmond Tutu



linking-hands11Togetherone mindone soul, one lifeone small step at a timelet’s plant seeds of hope, then march together towards a better future…a far brighter tomorrow


Best wishes from the First City to see the sun (in summer) …and we’re also the first to see the sunset and the stars (in winter-time)

brilliant-dawn121211112Share, encourage, uplift, inspire and help spread HOPE, LOVE and LIGHT

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