Just walking God, me, and my camera

For me your picture (great) represents the myriad of strands that make up the different facets of our lives and our connectedness to the world (+ the “zillions” of people out there), various lives that we can touch through the power of words via the net
“early bird the world’s absolutely worst photographer and fourth worst writer)
Who wants to be ‘normal*’, anyway, Jen?
what’s that!

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As I walked through the Botantial Gardens with my camera on that beautiful day .
Just snapping the flowers, listening to the tuis singing
and being happy in me.
I was looking at a plant down in the gardens and what I saw blew me away.
I loved the way the leaves criss crossed themselves into such a woven pattern as if protecting itself from the outside world leaving just a glimpse of what was on the otherside.

Like a port hole into another world
We are all in someway or other connected with nature and the web of life, but it also connects us to the worlds web ,we need to be watered ,nutured ,and loved.
Just like this plant thats growing in the garden
But what caught my imagination was the little bit of red on the tips of the plant.
It was as if it was bleeding…

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