Just sharing a few thoughts (quick) on Faith

A Journey of Faith

Just sharing a few thoughts on faith in a discussion with a “non’believer/anti-religion” close friend this morning. (She knows I’m very interested in the overlap between mind and spirit…and have been studying the mind for much of my life).When questioned about my “positivity”, I replied that I choose my consciousnessness (a certain way of thinking, as in Christ consciousness) and Jesus is a focus for/of that faith. that things will always ultimately work out…IF I work hard doing my “very best”, then just submit and TRUST (the outcome). On parting I said “You don’t have to be ‘overly religious’ in following Christ – it’s just a simple and personal faith.”

It’s all really simple. At least I think so (in my “muddled little head”).
Don’t know whether this, these quick thoughts may be of interest/helpful or not, but am sharing anyway
“totally impulsive” c
August 12 2018

Our thoughts…

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