On “Thoughts & Prayers”

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My “citizenship is in heaven.”
(Phil. 3:20)

PS Best wishes from the First City to see the light

Soul On Rice

I was reading an article a few weeks ago that begins like this: “Keep your thoughts and prayers to yourself.” When I read that article we were only one day removed from the mass killing in Las Vegas, so emotions were running high, the country was in mourning, I know, but, why was it okay to attack prayer?  Some people even equated praying with “doing nothing.” Senator Gillibrand was tweeting things like “prayers are simply not enough.” It’s becoming easier to see that society does not place any value on prayer, because society doesn’t place any value on God. It’s a conclusion I arrive at continually, whenever I watch TV, or listen to the radio, or walk up the block, or hear people speak… It reminds me that I’m a foreigner, not of this world. My “citizenship is in heaven.” (Phil. 3:20) 

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