The Relationship between Spirituality and Overall Wellbeing

Genie’s Note: Today we are happy to welcome back Doreen Learner Ph.D. ,  psychologist and wellness coach.  You may remember her blog post on change from January 2015 .   Please make her feel welcome.

However we define it, spirituality is about a search for meaning, purpose, and a direction in life. It may or may not include a feeling of connection to something larger than ourselves, what some may call the divine or the sacred.

What is spirituality all about?

Our spiritual quests strive for answers about life and death. Some may engage in a regular spiritual practice – either something that causes them to turn inward for answers to life’s larger questions, or something that involves worshipping that which is larger than themselves. Others turn to the spiritual perhaps when facing difficulties, illness, or the end of life (either their own or that of someone close to them).

What if I’m not religious?


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