Thoughts of my good friend, Lindsay, the “Prayer-warrior and the Prophet”) who sadly died the other day


Lindsay McIlraith: A highly colourful and likeable person… and good friend of many.

Here are some of his “timeless wisdoms”…

“The Gospel is a simple message for simple people… for their own good.”

As my good friend Lindsay, ‘the prophet and prayer-warrior says: “When a person goes to church, you take God TO church with you.

“The Spirit that made the world is in you, but first it has to be activated.”

“Get yourself right with Jesus, that’s the issue, man…and everything else in your life then fits into place”

“Don’t tell people so much about Jesus, show them His Spirit living in and through you.”

“Don’t talk shop, just show love.”

“You don’t go to church to be with God, you take God to church with you.”

fill me with a ‘triple helping’ of Your Infinite Spirit today”

And his classic, my favourite…

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